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Stemming from a New York based company, Pinnacle Acquisitions was founded as Marketing and Sales agency designed to provide clients with a 100% ROI. 

Unlike traditional forms of direct marketing such as residential or business to business, Pinnacle Acquisitions takes the time to develop smart campaigns. Our smart campaigns coupled with our professional and charismatic team, customers are excited to learn more about products and services in a friendly and comfortable environment.


As a Pinnacle Acquisition's client, you can count on our relentless execution to help reach your target.

Benefit From:
  • Competitive pay structure: Hourly/Bonuses

  • Sales and management training

  • Advancement based on performance, not seniority, race, gender or favorability

  • Internal promotion ONLY

  • Travel Opportunities

  • Fun and exciting team-based environment

  • Comprehensive and continued training from Management

  • Campaign/Business Development

  • Experienced and award winning leadership and management teams

  • Company-sponsored events such as National Conference, R&R Weekend, Keys to Success and Community Service events

Learn From:
  • Marketing Strategies

  • Sales techniques

  • Leading, coaching, and motivating people

  • Business administration

  • Human Resource management

  • Campaign Management

Additional Locations

Albany, NY

Boston,  MA

Philadelphia, PA

Pittsburgh, PA

Chicago, IL

Atlanta, GA

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