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We're professional, fun and passionate! Our team has won awards for going above and beyond for our clients and people. However, at Pinnacle Acquisitions, we love giving back to the community almost as much as winning for our clients. At Pinnacle Acquisitions we affectionately refer to ourselves at the “PACQ”. In the best tradition of a wolf pack we have a mentality of no one is left behind. Everyone’s success is predicated on the success of one another; therefore our concept of teamwork is of the highest importance.

Savion P

I found this company through a friend's referral after her co-op with them. He raved about their fun and competitive atmosphere and how he enjoyed going to work everyday. I applied through their website and was contacted by their recruiter and after going through the interview process I definitely can see why my friend loved this job so much. I'm glad that I applied and have found this opportunity.

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Breanna R

Pinnacle Acquisition

is a highly competitive and friendly company. It is for hard workers and business oriented entrepreneurs, the dedication you put in is reflected on your growth. But is also a family environment. Team nights are the best part of the company, being able to build relationship with my co-workers. They have the best training that helped develop my leadership skills.

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