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1. Why is our form of marketing more effective than others?

Direct marketing provides a more personalized connection between our clients and their customers. Indirect marketing (Telemarketing, Television ads, Billboards, etc) lacks the face-to-face contact and relationships that customers appreciate. We believe our customers want to do business with a friendly face and a smile, which is what we provide.​​


2. What are you looking for in a potential candidate with your organization?

We are looking for a self-motivated professional. Individuals that excel in our company display great interpersonal skills, take an aggressive approach to learning new things, and are intense on setting and achieving goals. We are looking for candidates that are driven and passionate about success. Lastly, strong character and the ability to represent our company and our clients brand with honesty and integrity.​


3. What do you do for your clients?

Each client has different targets and expectations. We specialize in new business development (acquisition) and retention in retail setting. 


4. What clients do you currently work with?

Different industries range from retail, wireless services, office supplies, natural gas and energy, and telecommunications. Currently our company is working with Energy services. 


​5. Why is your website so vague?

Due to confidentiality agreements, we are unable to specify and/or list our clients online. Please call the office and speak to a staff member for details about our clients. 


6. Are you a call center?



7. Are your positions commission based?

Compensation varies based on which client we are representing at the time. Most often, employees are compensated by a base salary and commission hybrid. Compensation is always competitive with industry averages. Due to different packages being available, they are discussed with management during interview processing. 


​8. How many people are currently employed at your company?

On average, Pinnacle employs 25 employees.​


9. Is there opportunity for advancement?

By meeting and exceeding our client’s expectations, we are able to provide opportunities for internal advancement for our employees.​ We only promote within. 


10. Do I have to make a financial investment?

No. This is not a pyramid or multilevel marketing scheme that requires a start up cost or initial investment.

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